5 Best Journals For Boys With Lock And Key

Best Journals for Boys with Lock and Key

A number of studies have shown that journaling can have profound effects on people. This is especially true for boys who can use it as an outlet for all those emotions and thoughts they’re experiencing. For boys who are looking to create, reflect and grow here are the best journals that they can use.

5 Best-Selling Journals for Boys with Lock and Key

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Journals for Boys with Lock and Key

1. Top Secret Glow

Top Secret Lock And ( For Children)
Product Highlights:
  • measures 6.5 inches high by 5.5 inches wide
  • includes sturdy padlock with two keys
  • 208 lined pages
  • suggested age: 5+

If you are looking for one of the best journals for your boys then this is the right one. This journal is designed in such a way that it will prevent anyone from prying and keep all their thoughts, ideas, and writings safe.

Since it boosts writing skills, it will encourage their imagination, creativity, and independence. The best part is that it comes with a 30 days money-back guarantee hence in case of anything you can always return it back.

Key Features:

  • It glows in the dark
  • Its boosts one’s creativity
  • Its comes with a money-back guarantee

2. DUDE Diary Unlock the Power

DUDE Diary Unlock The ( The Power!)
Product Highlights:
  • mickey and cheryl gill (author)
  • english (publication language)
  • 128 pages - 10/01/2014 (publication date) - fine print pub co (publisher)

DUDE Diary Unlock the Power is a journal that’s ideal for boys who are 8 years or older. This journal will allow him to brainstorm on different topics of interest and also give him the motivation to update it several times throughout the week.

Since there is no specific time to update it, he can settle on the time that he thinks is most suitable for them. Even if he hates writing and reading, he’ll love this journal. As one of the coolest diaries out there it also has a lock and key that he’ll definitely love.

Key Features:

  • Has lock and key feature
  • Suitable for any age
  • Comes with a number of guidelines


DUDE DIARY Smash ( Fun - 4-color Illustrated - Lock It Up!)
Product Highlights:
  • fine print publishing
  • mickey and cheryl gill (author)
  • english (publication language)
  • 128 pages - 08/15/2016 (publication date) - fine print pub co (publisher)

Suitable for boys who are 8 years and above, this is also among the best journals with lock and key out there. One thing that you’ll love about this journal, are the questions. Once they open it, it will immediately reveal a parallel universe where they can do everything to improve their creativity.

Whether you give it out as an achievement or birthday gift one thing is for sure your boy will love it. As a matter of fact, once they answer the questions they’ll be more than glad to share it with you.  Since it has a lock and key they can always keep everything private.

Key Features:

  • Features a lock and key
  • Easy to use and follow
  • Lots of hilarious questions

4. Peaceable Kingdom pixel Dragon

Peaceable Kingdom Pixel Dragon ( With Lock And Key)
Product Highlights:
  • dragon diary: peaceable kingdom presents this pixel dragon diary! your private thoughts will be safe and stylish in this journal, which features a pixel dragon design and a lock and key!
  • safe space: give children somewhere to freely express themselves with this cool journal! boys and girls alike can have fun as they write down and lock up their innermost thoughts and feelings.
  • endless possibilities: any child can use this journal notebook however they’d like, whether they want to write their secretive thoughts, sketch some doodles, insert fun photos, or get friends’ autographs.
  • classroom education: journal writing it a great educational learning tool for boys and girls as teachers teach kids about vocabulary and writing. journals are a teaching aid that youth use to study and learn in class.
  • reminisce: in years to come, you will love looking back on all those beautiful, fun saved memories that you have locked away.

This journal has a fun design and a lock and key feature that can significantly help the boys to express themselves. With this journal, they can include everything they want. From photos to thoughts, aspirations to doodles, this journal is just awesome. Once they are done they can lock it up and keep their priceless memories away.

This journal can also act as the best learning tool to use in the classroom. With this amazing diary, they can always look back and remember all those fun saved memories and beautiful times that they had. You can, therefore, rest assured that your son will love it.

Key Features:

  • Space to express yourself
  • Provides endless possibilities
  • Can act as a learning tool

5. Playhouse Radioactive Glow in The Dark

Playhouse Radioactive Glow In ( Lined Page Diary For Kids)
Product Highlights:
  • children love to have a special locked diary where they can write thoughts, doodles, notes, secrets and wishes!
  • dream, write and imagine the possibilities in this 6.25" tall diary featuring 108 double-sided lined pages, a lock with two keys and and a fantastic glow in the dark cover!
  • gather autographs from summer camp friends, glue in photos and clippings - the options are endless
  • a diary is also an excellent way to encourage a reluctant writer to practice penmanship and grammar skills without making it feel like "homework", too!
  • once the diary is full, lock this keepsake away to look back on with fond memories; for ages 6 years and older

This is a locked book that will give your boy space to record their dreams, thoughts, ideas and even doodles. Featuring 108 double-sided pages and glow in the dark this is a book that you cannot ignore. Since it has endless options, it’s a great way to encourage the boys to improve their grammar without making it feel like homework.

Your boy can also use it to keep photos, gather autographs and clippings. Once they are done with the diary they can lock it away and keep all their memories. This cute secret journal can, therefore, be described as simple and perfect.

Key Features:

  • Has 108 double sides pages
  • Suitable for boys of all ages
  • Can significantly boost grammar skills
  • Comes with lock and key

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a parent use journals for boys with lock and key?

These journals are specifically designed with boys in mind.  This means that it’s only the boys who can get the most out of them.

What kind of supplies do boys need for journaling?

Apart from the basic things such as pens and rulers they may also need crayons, ballpoint pens, washable markers, stamping ink, and gel among others.

What are the benefits that my son can get from journaling?

Journaling can provide him with an opportunity to

– Express fear
Explore their emotions
– Examines the pros and cons of something
– Plan out difficult conversations ahead of time
– Improve their spelling and grammar
– Boost their writing skills
– Improve their reading skills

What are some of the prompts that can help my son start out?

– Which superheroes would you like to be?
– Write about a country you’d love to visit someday
– Write about your school and why you love a particular teacher
– Talk about what you’d want to become and why
– Talk about what you’ll do if you’re left with your baby brother at home.
– Write about your two best friends and what you love about them

How can I encourage my son to start to journal?

You can buy them the best journal for boys with lock and key. Next, you need to share with them some prompts, get them journal apps and encourage them to make daily entries

What should I look for in a journal for boys with lock and key?

Although every notebook can be used as a journal if you are searching for the best journal for boys with a lock and key you need to consider one with attractive color, easy to use and with features that they’ll love.


There you have it-5 best journals for boys with lock and key. If you are searching for the best journal for your boy you can try out these ones. The good thing is that all these journals come with prompts that will help him start out. Whatever you choose, make sure you encourage him to do some journaling every day.

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