9 Unique Ways Going Deeper With Journaling Can Boost The Quality Of Your Life

9 Unique Ways Going Deeper With Journaling Can Boost the Quality of Your Life

Have you ever asked yourself whether making daily journal entries can really help you? Well whether you’re a 15-year-old girl who wants to learn more about life, an aspiring novelist or someone who wants to change, journaling is one of the best things you can ever do.

While keeping public online journal comes with lots of benefits, keeping a daily record about your life and experiences can work wonders. With this type of writing, you can learn to solve things, examine things and make a leap in your life, business or career.  The best of all, it’s the cheapest step that you can ever make in your life. As a matter of fact, if you’re just starting out you only need a writing pad and pen.

Continue reading to learn about the major ways journaling can help you:

1. Journaling can give you the Peace and Serenity That You Need

Regardless of how you do it, writing things about your life will help you overcome any negative feelings, achieve your goals and attain the peace that you need in your life. Once you put down all your feelings you’ll understand them better and even know how to go about them.

Since this is helpful especially when you are feeling angry, resentful or jealous, it’s one of the best things to do to get that elusive peace.

2. Learn About Your Emotions

One thing that most people don’t know is that it’s good to also explore positive emotions when making your journal entries. The best way to journal is to balance both your positive and negative emotions.

By doing this, you’ll not only be taking away the load but also putting things down that will make you understand why life is worth living. Since you’ll be able to go back to your journal entries you’ll learn to focus a lot more on what you need to accomplish. This way, you’ll learn a lot about yourself and your life in general.

3. You Can Easily Control What You Write

Are you aware that you have a lot of control in what you put down? Several studies have shown that in addition to your mental health journaling can also help you with your physical health so you can become a much better person.

Whether you want to heal after surgery or you need some help with a terminal illness journaling can significantly help you. But how does this happen? When you put down your thoughts down on paper, a number of things are at work in your brain. For instance, you’ll be able to reflect on quite a number of things so you can understand them better. This will, therefore, help you to replace self-defeating thoughts with feelings of optimism.

4. Through Journaling You Can Easily Achieve Your Goals

Almost everybody has a dream that they’ll like to achieve in their life. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of these people achieve these dreams. There is a big difference between dreaming and actualizing your dreams. Thankfully, journaling is among the surest ways to achieve to dream.

Serious journaling will help you to establish a timeline and the steps that you need to take so to achieve your goals. You can also keep track of your actions and know areas where you need to make some changes. More so, by thinking about all your past achievements you are likely to get focused a lot more.

5. Journaling can boost Your Determination

Apart from putting down your emotions, daily experiences and goals, there is a lot that you can still do with journaling. In fact, with a good journal prompt, you can always know what to put down on your journal.

Through this, you’ll have the strength to overcome all your worries and get the energy to stand up again even if things went wayward in the past. This means you’ll have all the resilience and determination that you need.

6. Learn From Your Mentors

The whole essence of going through life experiences is to learn from them. If nothing good comes out of what you’ve done, then instead of whining you need to take the lessons with you. Whether you fail or succeed, the best you can do is to take note of the lessons.

By making entries of these experiences and knowing what failed and what worked, you’ll be better prepared to handle the same situation in the future. Plus, journaling will help you to put down all the advice that you may get from your mentors. Since you’ll note down their advice you’ll make a great improvement in your own life.

7. Look Forward To the Future

Through journaling, you can use what you are doing now to prepare yourself for your future work. In fact, if you can set aside some time every day, writing down about your future goals. Doing this will boost your happiness and help you have more focus that you need to achieve this.

This exercise, though small, can be very effective in your future career development. Instead of doing the same thing every day, you can use journaling to write the challenges that you want to overcome in the future and be able to build your path to success.

By writing your personal goals and experiences privately you are likely to reflect on them so you can become a much better person in life. Also, this will help you prepare yourself for the next steps.

8. Know What You Truly Feel

Humans have a tendency of pretending especially when they are in the company of a crowd. While you may appear happy in the presence of other people, deep down your heart you may be paining. This is perhaps the reason why nowadays there are several instances of suicide.

Thankfully, with proper journaling, you can put down what you truly feel so you understand the best way to tackle it. If you only spare time every day and put down all your thoughts you‘ll start feeling better even before getting into any action. It’s like having “a meeting with alone”

9. Journaling Can Teach You How to Stay With People

If there is something that life is all about then it’s staying with people.  By learning how to stay with people well you’ll enjoy living a protected life. This is because if anything happens to you you’ll always have people whom you can turn to.

Instead of saying things that you feel can hurt other people, you just need to put them down and you are good to go. Through making journal entries you can also learn how to forgive those who hurt you in life.


Writing down your feelings and thoughts is one of the best ways of living a life that you envision. With proper journaling, you’ll view all challenges in your life as lessons and every problem or obstacle will make you a better person. While writing down the positive and negative things in your life you’ll be able to identify all the opportunities that are hidden. So, decide today to write your thoughts. Start small and improve gradually. One thing for sure, you’ll never regret this step.

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