Dream Journaling Guide

Dream Journaling: The Complete Guide

If there is one thing that a majority of people often fail to remember then it’s their dreams. But did you know that recalling your dreams can be a very good guide to your waking moments? Whether you are dreaming about your parents, health or work your dreams are constantly passing you a message.

But what is a dream? Well, a dream is a series of thoughts and images that play in your mind while you are deep asleep.  Sometimes the dreams may be so real that you even start feeling and hearing sounds while sleeping. Unfortunately, some people rarely recall their dreams.

Since dreams are somehow linked to reality if analyzed and recorded they can be of significant help. The best way to record your dreams is therefore to keep a dream journal.

What is dream journaling?

What is Dream Journaling?

Unlike other journaling techniques, dream journaling involves jotting down your dream the first thing in the morning when you can still remember them. As stated above if recorded well both good and bad dreams can be quite informative. By doing this, you can also boost your creativity.

If you want to make your entries organized, you need to get a dream journal. A dream journal is basically what you’ll use to record all your dreams. The simple process of recording these dreams will help you remember them. The whole idea is to inform you about the images and thoughts that play in your mind while sleeping. If you are faced with stress this information can really be helpful.

Whether you sketch the images or write them down, this does not matter. What matters is that you have some records. The best part is that there are special journals that are dedicated specifically to recording dreams as we are going to see in a short while.

6 Reasons Why Dream Journaling is Very Important

1. Dream journaling can boost your creativity

If you want to break your creative block the best thing to do is to practice dream journaling. Our subconscious minds usually explore certain things that we face during the day and create instances that can help up solve them. Dream journaling can, therefore, help you compile all these things so you can come up with the best solution to problem.

2. A dream journal can help you recall your dreams

If you can record all your dreams you’ll not only boost your dream recording techniques but also learn about the pattern of your dreams. So the best way to accomplish this is to record your dreams the first thing you wake up in the morning.  You can even use a dream dictionary to analyze the dream patterns that you normally experience.

3. Dream journaling can help you with your emotions

Whether you want to calm your feelings or emotions keeping a journal can significantly help you. Just like other types of journaling, dream journaling can also help you with your emotions. Since a good percentage of our dreams are informed by what we thought about during the day, keeping a dream journal can help you record the happenings so that if the experience was bad you may know how to avoid a similar occurrence in the future.

4. Keeping a dream journal can minimize stress

If you can get a few minutes of reflection after waking up you can significantly calm your nerves and feel better. Did you know that there is a link between your behavior and mind? With that in mind, dream journaling can help you get an insight into your thoughts, strengthen your immune system, improve your overall health and even boost your happiness.

5. Dream journaling can help you have a lucid dream

 These are dreams where you know what you are dreaming about. The good thing about this kind of dream is that you can do almost anything that you want to do. Since it’s a fun activity to master a dream it can significantly help you.

6. Dream journaling can help you with nightmares

Nightmares are the worst form of a dream that one can ever experience. Thankfully, by keeping a dream journal you can recall your nightmares and better understand what causes them. You can then overcome this by avoiding the happenings that make you have a nightmare.

11 Techniques for Keeping a Dream Journal

1. Find a good notebook

This is the first step towards dream journaling. Once you have a notebook make sure that it’s specifically for dream journaling. Remember if you use the book for something else it’s no longer called a dream journal.

2. Record your dream right after waking up

The right time to record your dream is right after waking up when your dreams are still fresh. Since we tend to forget dreams very fast you need to record them as soon as you wake up. Even if you are able to remember all the details of the dream you need to know that after 10 minutes everything would have disappeared.

3. Write your dream journal in the present tense

 If you decide you write your dream journal in past tense you may not remember a number of details. So the best thing to do is to record everything in the present tense. Just ask yourself what you’ve just dreamt about and start writing.

4. Have a format

Since dreams can take different patterns it’s important to have a format and know where to record a particular dream. Some of the things that you may have to record include your emotions, the location of a dream, the weather, the people and even what you were doing.

5. Be patient with yourself

Recording your dreams just like anything else requires a lot of patience. Remember, you must start from somewhere. So, instead of blaming yourself that you are not doing the right thing, just start and ensure that you are patient. With time you’ll master the art.

6. Make it a habit

If you want to succeed in dream journaling you need to start and make it a habit. This means apart from having a pen and book ready you must set time before you forget what you dreamt about. If you don’t plan yourself and make it a habit you’ll have no records and all the effort will be as good as useless.

7. Get a dream journal

 If you are not sure of what to do the best thing to do is to buy a dream journal.  A dedicated journal is made in such a way that you’ll not easily mix things. By doing this and separating your regular journal you’ll make the process quite easy.

8. Keep your dream journal next to your bed

One way of making sure that you maintain the habit is keeping your journal where you can always access it.  Whether it’s on top of the table, next to your bed or under the pillow make sure it’s accessible. By doing this you’ll ensure that you make the entries the first thing in the morning.

9. Have a title

Although this might seem negligible it’s a great tactic that will help you lump up your dreams into a theme. This will also make it easy for you to refer back to your dream when you want. These rules will also help you to learn about your dreams in the future.

10. Have a date

It’s also very important to date your dreams. By dating your dreams you’ll learn more about the patterns that your dreams take. As you continue to do this you’ll know how to make everything better.

11. Add sketches

You can also make your dream journal as lively as possible by including sketches. This will not only make you remember the details but also the distinct features of your dream. More so, by doing this you’ll have a lot of fun.

5 Best-Selling Dream Journals

Best Dream Journals

1. Dream Journal

Dream Journal Dream Interpretations ( Finally Understand Your Subconscious)
Product Highlights:
  • hart, rozella (author)
  • english (publication language)
  • 122 pages - 08/10/2017 (publication date) - createspace independent publishing platform (publisher)

If you are looking for a clearly written and easy to understand journal then this is the best dream journal for you. Full of dream meanings and interpretations, this dream journal will guide you on the best way to interrogate your dream.

By buying this journal you’ll not only understand the stages of your dream but also remember them better.

2. Dream Diary

BookFactory Dream DiaryDream JournalLog ( Wire-O Binding (LOG-126-69CW-A(DreamDiary)-DX))
Product Highlights:
  • a great notebook to keep at your bedside for recording/writing notes on your dreams
  • there are spaces to write out all of the details of your dreams - the characters, sensations, and locations of your dreams
  • the pages are bordered with star designs, and include lists of emotions and themes to help prompt your journaling.
  • 120 pages, archival safe, acid-free, 60 lb. paper, page dimensions: 6" x 9"
  • made in usa, proudly produced in ohio. veteran-owned.

Dream Diary is an awesome book that will help you record your dreams and even interpret them better. If you are looking for the best dream journal then you’ll definitely love this book.

It features a lot of options and pages that you’ll use to keep all the details of your dream. The good thing is that you can even use it to track your dreams when under stress. It can, therefore, be described as the best planner that you can even have.

3. My Dream Journal

My Dream Journal Kids ( Kids Writing Journal (Daily Doodle Diary))
Product Highlights:
  • journals, kids (author)
  • english (publication language)
  • 102 pages - 10/06/2017 (publication date) - createspace independent publishing platform (publisher)

Just like adults kids also have dreams. With dream journals, the kids in your life can now have a place to journal all their nightly adventures and dreams.

Perfect for children of all ages this book also comes with large areas where they can draw pictures and small areas where they can write the words. The children can use this journal to draw their dreams both bad and good and to overcome the nightmare that they might experience.

4. Strange Dreams

Strange Dreams A Journal ( A Journal)
Product Highlights:
  • english (publication language)
  • 160 pages - 03/11/2014 (publication date) - chronicle books (publisher)

 If you have been searching for the best dream journal for a while then you need to try out this one. It comes with several details that you may not have thought about having in your basic dream journal book.

Featuring very cute pages and good questions, this journal will make your dream journaling a very interesting activity. Although it does not come with a lot of space for writing on each page, it’s the best way to outline your dreams in the form of images, lists, and themes.

5. Knock Knock Dream Journal

Knock Knock Dream Journal ( Journal)
Product Highlights:
  • explore your subconscious without paying for actual therapy with knock knock's dream journal
  • prompts and checkboxes take the work out of dream analysis
  • paperback with silver foil stamping on the cover and a ribbon page marker
  • 128 pages with a 2-color interior and lay-flat binding
  • knock knock is an independent maker of clever gifts, books, and whatever else they can think up; their mission is to bring humor, creativity, and smarts to everyday life

it also has an areawill give you a fun and organized way to record your dreams including all the details that you need to include. This dream journal also comes with lots of questions that will help you remember your dream and a huge space to write on. 

Unlike other journals, it also has an area that you can use to depict your dream. If you want to go lucid then this great book will significantly help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any skill to start dream journaling?

 Just like other journaling techniques dream journaling is quite easy. If you are just starting out you only need to have a book/diary and pen to record everything that you dreamt about. Once you wake up you just need to recall all these things and put them down.

Can dream journaling help me understand myself better?

If done well, dream journaling is a very good way to understand your emotions, feelings and life patterns. By going through your dream journals you’ll be able to interpret them better. You can even research the internet to get the meanings of the dreams that you don’t understand.

Are there dream journal apps?

Yes, there are several dream journal apps that you can use to help you record your dreams. Depending on your preference, you can search for the best dream journal app that works for you. However, while starting out you don’t have to invest in a very expensive dream journal app or book.

Who needs to keep a dream journal?

From small children to adults every person can practice dream journaling.  Provided you can dream you can practice dream journaling

Can dream journals help one with lucid dreams?

First lucid dreams are the type of dream where you are aware of what you are dreaming about. By keeping a dream journal you can gradually know your dream pattern and learn how to control the dream.


Have you ever practiced dream journaling before? If not challenge yourself today to start it. If you are not sure about the process there are a number of journals and apps that can help you. So just dream as much as possible but don’t forget to record your dream by keeping a dream journal

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