Garden Journaling Guide

Garden Journaling: The Complete Guide

If there is one skill that every gardener should have then, it’s knowing how to accurately observe things. But, these observations can only help if they are noted somewhere where they can be referred to. Keeping proper records is therefore important if you want to develop experience and gather enough knowledge and skills as a gardener.

From notebooks to diaries, there are several ways of recording this information.  However, among all these methods using a garden journal is perhaps the best. As the most valuable tool that you have a garden journal will not only help you save money but also benefit you in a number of ways that will surprise you.

Discussed below is everything that you need to know about garden journaling:

Garden Journaling - The Complete Guide

What is Garden Journaling?

Garden journaling is the practice of keeping records, observations, goals and anything that’s related to your garden. Since it shows what you grow and where you grow it can help you overcome challenges and achieve success. Through garden journaling, you can have a guide that you can always refer to.

As you continue with this practice you’ll learn more about your garden, soil, and plants. This means if there are any improvements needed or changes that must be done you can do that.

The good thing is that garden journaling does not have any rules. For instance, if you are a maize or vegetable farmer you can learn more about practices such as mulching, crop rotation, and mix farming among others.

Six Advantages of Garden Journaling

1. You can use journaling to keep track of information about the plants 

By setting up a page for each plant, you can track down the plants that you’ve never grown before by setting up a page for every new plant. Doing this will help you know whether the plant is beneficial, what it requires and whether you should continue planting it.

2. You can record important milestones

 If you have important milestones that you need to record the best thing to do is keep a garden journal. Through garden journaling, you can be informed about tilling, planting and harvesting dates. These patterns will help you know what to do in your garden at any given time.

3. Learn more about the weather patterns

If there is something that affects farming/gardening then it’s the climate. By making garden journal entries you’ll know the best seasons to plant, the most appropriate weather for a particular crop and when not to plant. This information is very important especially if you intend to change your plan in the future.

4. Set a page of new ideas

If there are ideas or things that you need to try out, garden journaling can help you set up a page for this. These might include practices such as mulching, crop rotation, and new pest control methods among other things.

5. Record information about the plants

You can also use garden journaling to keep track of the new plants in your garden. By doing this, you’ll know all their requirements. This very important as it will help you to either buy the seeds in the future or not.

6. Know how to apply fertilizer and water your plants

Through garden journaling you’ll also be able to keep some information about your fertilizing schedule. This way you’ll know how to apply fertilizer and water your plants the next time you are dealing with the same types of seeds.

What to Include in Your Garden Journal

When making your garden journal entries here are some of the things that you need to include in the journal

  • A sketch or the layout of your garden or rather how big or small it is
  • The location of your garden and your planting dates
  • Fertilizer applications
  • Bloom times
  • A list of plants that you are dealing in
  • Pests and how to deal with them
  • Expenses and recipes
  • Sources of your plants
  • Special care of your plants
  • Pictures of your plants or garden
  • General observations whether weekly, daily or monthly observations

How to Keep Your Garden Journal

If you want to practice garden journaling here are some tips that will help you make the most of your journal

  • Know the purpose of your journal. This is perhaps one of the most important things to do. Before anything else, you must know what you intend to achieve with your journal.
  • Select a garden journal format that suits your activities.  Since not all farmers are dealing in the same plants, ensure that your format suits what you are doing in your garden. For instance, if your farm is a bit small you might opt for a simple journal or diary to record your activities.
  • Separate your journal into different parts.  The best way to organize your journal is to have different sections for contents such as the weather, plants, fertilizing and watering. This will prevent you from mixing up things and confusing yourself further.
  • Choose a journal that can withstand harsh weather conditions. Since you’ll be recording your journal out in the open you need to choose one with a sturdy cover that can withstand this.
  • Make sure you make daily entries. Just like other types of journals, it’s important to set some time every day to make journal entries. By doing this you’ll keep track of everything happening in your garden.
  • After each page, leave some space. When you’re journaling there are a lot of things that may come up even after making your initial entries. Because of this, you need to leave some space where you can always add some information.
  • As you continue with your gardening let your garden journal grow. The best way to keep a garden journal is to allow it to grow with your garden. If you think that your journal can no longer accommodate all your information look for a bigger volume.

Garden Journal Supplies

If you want to get started with your garden journal here are some of the key things that you need:

5 Best-Selling Garden Journals

Best Garden Journals

1. Garden Journal and Planner

Garden Journal And Planner ( Plus, Handbook Of Useful Garden Forms)
Product Highlights:
  • marsh, michelle (author)
  • english (publication language)
  • 192 pages - 07/14/2017 (publication date) - createspace independent publishing platform (publisher)

If you are looking for the best garden journal then Garden Journal and Planner might be the best option. This book will help you keep track of what’s happening, what’s working and what you need to do.

It also enough space to make a sketch of your garden plans and even post three photos of your garden failures and successes.  As an attractive book, it basically does more than a journal. 

2. The Gardener’s Journal

GARDENERS JOURNAL A Ten ( Chronicle Of Your Garden)
Product Highlights:
  • hardcover book
  • lunan, robert r. (author)
  • english (publication language)
  • 01/18/1993 (publication date) - lee valley tools ltd (publisher)

The Gardner’s Journal is a journal that you can’t just help but love. Even if you’ve been keeping a garden journal for several years you’ll find that this is perhaps your best style. Besides the size, its cover is so strong that it won’t be affected by bad weather.

Plus this journal comes with a room where you can put in the pictures, tape all the plant labels and write whatever you want to write. Whether your garden is small or big this journal is just excellent hence will definitely serve you well.

3. Gardening Journal

Gardening Journal 2019 ( Pages, Ideal For Gardening Planner, Log And Inspiration)
Product Highlights:
  • gardening journals (author)
  • english (publication language)
  • 100 pages - 04/15/2019 (publication date) - independently published (publisher)

Since this journal is quite beautiful you can use it to plan your action. Divided into three sections, it also features a small reference area for zoning maps and recording botanical plant names.

The second section has very specific templates for design, visits, plants, pots, and tools among others. It comes with more content than mere blank pages that other journals have thus making it quite impressive. Overall if you’ve considered a number of garden journals before, this one will definitely turn out to be your favorite.

4. UniKeep Garden Planner and Tracking Journal

UniKeep Garden Planner And ( Pages With Pockets For Storage Of Small Items)
Product Highlights:
  • plan for every detail of your garden - 25 themed pages of lists, logs, layouts and records
  • 17 pocketed pages included - 10 single pocket pages, 5 two pocket pages, 2 four pocket pages
  • store seed packets and labels - just one of many ways to used the included pocketed pages
  • secure and stackable case with binder rings - completely enclosed 1 ½” binder case snaps securely closed
  • made in usa - manufactured and assembled in marysville ohio

 Keeping a garden is one of the best ways to spend some good time outdoors. Regardless of your gardening goals, this journal will help you to plan, track and even collect the things that you need from your gardening journey.

This garden planner and journal comes with everything that you need to remain organized and track down everything happening in your garden.  With its layouts, logs, bloom, records, and harvest tracking, it will make your work easy. It’s, therefore, worth trying out.

5. My Gardening Handbook

Suck UK My Gardening ( And Plant Lovers - Green)
Product Highlights:
  • sew seeds of gardening wisdom for generations to enjoy! a gardening book & notebook journal for archiving planting secrets. budding horticulturalists will love this gardening journal
  • an unbe-leaf-able garden planner & standout journal for women or journal for men with a green-fingered touch. give our blank journal book as garden gifts & watch your plant memories unravel
  • whether you are a beginner or a seasoned gardener, log book your veg with this hardcover notebook. personalized notebooks for recording planting, growth & tips. give our book journal a grow
  • make your own book & pass it on. including 300 pages of tips, templates & photo space: fill our planner notebook with garden secrets. handy gifts for women or gifts for men to last a lifetime
  • fabric custom notebooks designed to store your plant care tips. mark the recycled pages with the ribbon & fill the diary journal with photos. a notebook and planner for gardening superstars

If you are looking for a personal reference book for your gardening activities then My Gardening Handbook is probably the best.  Constructed with all the features that you need this journal will help you record all your planting ideas, growing secrets, and weather changes.

Featuring 300 pages of templates, clever tips and blank sections where you can fix all your photos it’s a journal that will never disappoint you. Overall it can be described as a well designed and planned gardening diary that you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I boost my gardening skills by keeping a garden journal?

Garden journaling basically involves recording everything that is happening in your garden. This includes the kind of plants you grow, the watering methods and the fertilizing among others. Since you’ll have the information that you need you can always check it out to see what worked and what never worked.

What should I do to succeed in garden journaling?

Just like other journaling procedures there is nothing much that you need to succeed in this endeavor other than the basics. If you have the time, somewhere to write on and writing tools you can just start out. But if you intend to be organized in the future, it’s important to shop around for the best garden journal.  Since there are a variety of them in the market, you can easily get the best.

What if I don’t know what to write about in my garden journal?

Even if you are a complete novice you should not shy away from keeping a garden journal. With several garden journal prompts, templates, journals and apps out there once you start this process you’ll get all the guidance and help that you need.

What are some of the garden journals prompts that I can use when starting out?

Here are some prompts that can guide you when you are starting out:
When to sow, plant, and harvest plants
Where you bought the seedlings
Which type of fertilizer did you use and why?
What kind of things should you do and why?
When did it last rain or when did you last water your garden?
What methods did you use to control pests?
What kind of techniques did you find successful?

Are there rules on how to make garden journal entries?

One thing that you need to know is that journaling has no rules. In fact, if you are starting out, it’s advisable to keep everything simple. This way you’ll not have any problem sticking to it throughout the planting season. The idea is to try and record something at least every day. You also need to track down all the important information that you may need for future references.

Do I need to include photographs in my garden journal?

If you want to remember things well then adding photos and keeping pictures is something that you can’t ignore. Since pictures are important they will help you recreate everything that you believe were successful and then ones that were not. Through photos, you’ll also appreciate the effort, the changes and the growth that has taken place in your garden.


Garden journaling is a fun and satisfying activity that every farmer who intends to improve his or her skills should practice. Whatever your goals are, garden journaling will serve as one of the best reference points for your future activity. So start keeping one today to enjoy all the rewards that it comes with.

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