Prayer Journaling Guide

Prayer Journaling: The Ultimate Guide

Whether you want to improve your prayer life or ignite your relationship with God, prayer journaling can really help you.  Although praying means you are directly communicating with God, sometimes you may feel as if your prayers do not reach God. This is where prayer journaling comes in.

Some of the best experiences and insights of life come through making prayer journal entries. Since God wants to speak to you, the only way to bring everything that you do into order and shape is through prayer journaling. If you believe in the power of prayer then prayer journaling can really change you.

What is a Prayer Journal?

What is a prayer journal

Simply put, a prayer journal is a book where you note down all your prayers to God. Although it can also act as a diary, it contains all your prayers in written form. Keeping a prayer journal will also make you remember how God has been good to you.  Since there are a lot of happenings in your life it’s very easy to forget.

Apart from acting as a reminder, a prayer journal is also a good way to strengthen your faith in God especially when you are faced with several life trials and temptations. The good thing is that you don’t have to be fancy.  In fact, if you’ve not started already you can simply start with a piece of paper before you transfer all these into a proper book or journal later on.

Benefits of Prayer Journaling

Benefits of Prayer Journaling

1. Regardless of the Form, a Prayer Will Draw You Close To God

If there is something that will make you close to God then, it’s constant prayers.  This means you can either speak or write your prayers.

2. Prayer Journaling Will Help You to Focus

By writing your prayers down you’ll greatly boost your focus. This is basically the best way to remain focused while you are praying. Writing your prayers will also allow you to organize your thoughts so that your mind does not stray.

3. Prayer Journaling Help you To Pray Intentionally

If you want your prayers to be effective then you need to avoid praying haphazardly. When you become deliberate and intentional with your prayers you are more likely to realize the results. So, without mixing words, a prayer journal will help to start your payers and remain organized throughout.

4. Prayer Journaling Can Serve as Testimony

 A prayer diary is much more than something that records prayers. If you continuously refer back to your prayer journal you’ll be amazed at how God has answered your prayers. So the best way to have a testimony is to keep a prayer journal.

5. Prayer Journal Can Boost Your Spiritual Growth

There is nothing as good as seeing that your prayers have been answered. This will not only boost your growth but also make you have a strong sense of connection with God. With prayer journaling, you’ll see how far you’ve come from and even learn to trust God for more blessings.

6. Prayer Journaling Will Help You Reflect on What You are Studying

Journaling your prayers is also a good way to reflect on what you are studying so that you can learn more. This will enable you to confess your sins and put down what you’ve learned in God’s words.

7. Prayer Journaling is a Good Way to Be Honest with God

There is nothing as good as being honest with God. By writing down your prayers you’ll be more honest with God. This means there is nothing to hide from God anymore. While God already knows everything happening in your life, the intimacy that journaling brings will help you to acknowledge everything, repent and become a better person.

8. Prayer Journaling Will Help You Overcome any Stress and Anxiety

Whenever something delays we tend to get anxious. But through prayer journaling, you’ll have all the peace and calm while knowing that God will create a way out of that situation.

Ideas for Prayer Journaling

Whether you have a simple notebook or something more complicated with outlined sections, prints and artwork, you can start making entries. Here are some key ideas that can help you start out:

  • Answered prayers
  • Prayer requests
  • Thanksgiving for the answered prayers
  • Writings about all your fears and worries
  • Reflections on what you’ve read
  • A prayer that you love
  • Creation of your own prayer that you can always recite
  • Scripture verses that you love
  • Praises and adoration to God
  • Sins that you’ve been trying to overcome for sometime
  • You day to day reflections

How to Choose the Best Prayer Journal

Although a prayer journal does not have to be sophisticated, make sure you choose something that works for you. With that said here are some of the things to consider when shopping for the best prayer journal:

  • Choose the right size. This will ensure that all your writings are accommodated.
  • Do not choose a spiral-bound book. Writing on a spiral book can
  • Choose a strong book quality paper. This will ensure that the paper does not tear easily.
  • Choose one with a sturdy cover. This means you can move around with your journal without any worries.

How to Keep a Prayer Journal

Here are some of the tips that will make your prayer journaling more effective.

1. You Don’t Have To Be Perfect

The aim of keeping a prayer journal is not to be perfect.  Since it’s your own private thing nobody has to see it. You can use your own abbreviations and style of writing.

2. Just Start

Once you start out you’ll realize that there are so many ways of doing this as God will give you the creativity that you need. Just write what God is telling you.

3. Divide your Journal

If you want to be organized the best thing to do is to divide your prayer journal into different sections. Examples of sections include praise and adorations section, asking for forgiveness section and pray for others section among others.

4. Make Regular Journal Entries

Whether you journal daily, weekly or monthly this is all up to you. However, make sure it’s not a burden or duty that you must do.

5. Write Down All Your Prayer Requests

By writing down all your prayer requests you can always look back at them and marvel at how God answered your prayers. This will not only boost your faith but also remind you of other things that you need to pray about.

6. Record God’s Answers

This will not only show you how God faithfully answers prayers but also gives you a testimony that you can share with other people.

7. Use Prayer Journaling Prompts

If you are not sure how to go about this you can use prayer prompts. If you search online there are quite a number that you can use. Here are a few examples:

  • Rewrite a favorite Scripture in prayer
  • Write a love letter to God
  • Write out a list of thanks for everyday things and pray the list to God
  • Write a prayer for your family
  • Write a prayer for our world
  • Write a prayer for yourself
  • Ask God a question, any question

8. Write Down Your Progress

Record any progress that you are making in your prayers and what you need to do to make your prayers more effective.

9. Write Down What God Is Communicating to You

This will give you something that you can refer to during your quiet times. While doing this, you can ask yourself what God is personally telling you.

10. Put Down Important Bible Verses

While praying, God will direct you to some important bible verses that you can refer to. Make sure you include them in your prayer journal.

5 Best-Selling Prayer Journals

Best Prayer Journals

1. Prayer Journal for Women

Prayer Journal For Women ( & Guided Prayer Journal)
Product Highlights:
  • roberts, shannon (author)
  • english (publication language)
  • 231 pages - 03/14/2019 (publication date) - paige tate & co. (publisher)

If you’ve been looking for weekly devotional, there is nothing that works better than this prayer journal. Since it’s a lot bigger, it provides you with enough room to write and make the words larger and easier to read. 

This journal is specifically for women hence the topics discussed here resonate with them quite well. It will, therefore, provide you with the perfect way to draw closer to God.

2. My Prayer Journal

My Prayer Journal Conversations (Conversations With God)
Product Highlights:
  • compiled by barbour staff (author)
  • english (publication language)
  • 192 pages - 05/01/2017 (publication date) - barbour books (publisher)

My Prayer Journal is a beautiful prayer book that features 3 months of pages to write on and reflect on your personal relationship with God. The good thing about it is that it’s not complicated.

It also provides you with enough room to write, doodle, and even color the pages you are working on. If you are looking for the best gift for your prayer partners then this book is perhaps a good option. As a great prayer tool, you’ll find its format quite helpful.

3. The Creative Prayer Journal

The Creative Prayer Journal ( Meaningful Conversations With God)
Product Highlights:
  • steadman, kim c. (author)
  • english (publication language)
  • 77 pages - 12/15/2016 (publication date) - lifter upper (publisher)

Coming with several blank pages to fill, The Creative Prayer Journal is more than a prayer journal. In addition to the instructions, it has ideas, methods, bible verses and several other prompts to help you.

Whether you are stuck in your prayers or you are going through the most difficult time this prayer journal will definitely help you. Moreover, it will help you to focus so that you can pray with the whole of your mind. Overall, it’s a great way to improve your relationship with God.

4. The Pray, Prayer Journal

The Pray Prayer Journal ( Heart (Living The Questions))
Product Highlights:
  • isbn13: 9781576836163
  • condition: new
  • notes: brand new from publisher! 100% satisfaction guarantee. tracking provided on most orders. buy with confidence! millions of books sold!
  • ridings, dean (author)
  • english (publication language)

The Pray, Prayer Journal is a prayer journal that features daily scriptures and reading plans that you can use to read your bible. Suitable for those whose minds wander a lot, this book is full of examples that you can incorporate in your personal prayer life.

It also has blank sections for every single day and a section that you can use to reflect at the end of the month. This is also a book that you can get for your friend.

5. Prayer Journal (With Inspirational Scripture Quotations)

Prayer Journal 100Page Praying ( Inspirational Scripture Quotations)
Product Highlights:
  • heart and soul journals (author)
  • english (publication language)
  • 102 pages - 09/05/2017 (publication date) - createspace independent publishing platform (publisher)

One of the best ways to deepen your prayers and make them effective is by keeping a prayer journal.  This journal’s pages are fitted with verses and scriptures that will inspire you to meditate and pray.

Since this journal is more or less like a diary it will allow you to record your conversations with God, daily prayers, things that you are thankful for and personal thoughts and reflections. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How I can I keep my Prayer Journal private?

If you are just starting out make sure you move around with your journal until you are comfortable leaving it at home. You can also look for somewhere private inside the house to keep it and only get it out when you are ready to use it. More so, do not advertise to everyone that you are using a prayer journal.

Is keeping a Prayer Journal biblical?

Since a prayer journal is a written record of your own experiences you can use it to keep track of your prayers and make your prayers effective. This practice is as old as the scriptures. For instance, bible writers such as David wrote their thoughts and made them into poems and music.

What is the purpose of Prayer Journal?

As compared to other forms of writings, updating a prayer journal is not meant to be a tedious thing. It should be something that you desire to do every day so that it can connect you to God. Because it records your faith it will help you to share and reflect what God has done in your life.

What are the things that you need for Prayer Journaling?

Since prayer journaling should not be complicated, you can start with materials such as a pen and a simple notebook. Later on, when you are established, you can transfer all these to a proper prayer journal. Lack of a journal should not deter you from keeping a prayer journal.


Keeping a prayer journal should not take a lot of your time. If you’ve never done it before just devote some time today and make updates. Even if you don’t have a journal just choose something and begin to write. Whether it’s daily or weekly updates, consistency is the key. If you are consistent enough your prayer journal will help boost your faith and build your relationship with God.

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