Pregnancy Journaling The Complete Guide

Pregnancy Journaling: The Complete Guide

If you’ve been a mother before, you understand the kind of joy that comes with pregnancy.  The feeling that something is growing and changing every day inside your womb is just out of this world. But even with all this, you are likely to go through a lot of physical and emotional changes that may even put you down.

From the conception to the time of delivery you are sure to experience a number of challenges. Although you may discover that you detest some things, you’ll suddenly develop an unusual craving for things that you can’t even imagine. Plus, there are a lot of mood swings that will make you even doubt whether you are normal or not. While you have all the support that you need, pregnancy journaling can significantly help you.

This is because studies have found out that journaling can come with a number of benefits. In this guide, you’ll learn about

Pregnancy journaling is the act of recording and tracking down all the memories during pregnancy and preserving them so that you can have something to look back on later.

What is Pregnancy Journaling?

Pregnancy journaling is the act of recording and tracking down all the memories during pregnancy and preserving them so that you can have something to look back on later. This will remind you of one of the most important stages of your life and will make you value life even much more.

Even if you are not sure about what to do, researchers have confirmed that beginning and maintaining a pregnancy journal is very important since it has several therapeutic benefits.  There are even several pregnancy journal books, apps and prompts that can help you start out and learn how to update your pregnancy journal. Creating a pregnancy journal will also allow you to create a special gift for your child in later years.

6 Benefits of Pregnancy Journaling

Here are some of the reasons why you need to practice pregnancy journaling:

1. Minimize Stress

Whether in normal life or during pregnancy, finding somewhere you can put all your thoughts can really help you to find solutions to the issues and challenges that you are faced with. Writing a pregnancy journal, in particular, is one of the best ways to minimize stress by controlling your emotions. If you like you can even put down the bad thoughts and get rid of the paper.

2. Record the Happy Times

If there is one thing that women cherish then it’s the news that they have finally become mothers. In fact, the feeling is so nice that they even want to share it with everything.  The best way to record all this happiness is by keeping a pregnancy journal or diary. Having these records can really help you especially during those days when you are feeling down.

3. Prepare Yourself

If you want to organize yourself and get ready for the newborn then the best thing that you can ever do is to keep a pregnancy journal. Making sure that everything is ready is one of the hardest things to do especially for new mothers. Apart from calming yourself pregnancy journaling can also help you manage your time well, prepare everything that you need and coordinate your work.

4. Monitor the Progress

Jotting down every stage of your pregnancy is something that can boost your confidence and give you hope. After all, your pregnancy journal will be a record of all your successes, achievements and challenges that you’ve come across along the way. This will also motivate you to keep going while knowing very well that you’ll overcome everything.

5. Know What You Want to Achieve

Did you know that you can have several plans but unless you put them down there is nothing much you can achieve? This is where pregnancy journaling comes in. By jotting down everything, you can hold yourself accountable and work towards achieving your goals.

6. When Your Pregnancy is a Secret, Journaling can Really Help You

If you’ve been pregnant before then you know that the first trimester is usually full of anxiety and challenges. This is because pregnancy hormones are causing a lot of changes to your system. Many mothers, therefore, opt to keep their pregnancy a secret. Thankfully, putting all these feelings down can have a healing effect and help you deal with stressful feelings.

12 Pregnancy Journal Prompts that can Help You

Once you decide to practice pregnancy journaling you may either start from the scratch or use the resources out there to update your journal. If you are not sure about what you write about here are some pregnancy journal prompts that can help you start out.

  1. Imagine that your pregnancy was an accident. What are some of the things that you are thinking about and how will you go about everything? 
  2. Talk about the experience of having a child growing inside you. How does this affect your feeling? Is it a good or bad thing?
  3. Describe the whole process of going into labor, rushing to the hospital, the kind of treatment that you got and whether you chose a normal birth or a C section. Just describe everything in detail.
  4. What was your experience during the pregnancy period and how were you able to overcome all the mood swings.
  5. How did people treat you during your pregnancy period?
  6. Do you feel that you are like other women who are also pregnant?  If you are different then describe how.
  7. Describe the people who helped you during this time and the kind of help that they gave you.
  8. Write down the entire preparations that you’ve done for the baby and ask yourself if there are some things that you’ve not done.
  9. Have any strangers touched your stomach during this time? If yes why and how did you feel after that?
  10. Are you planning to go for an ultrasound to know the sex of the child?
  11. Describe how you felt when you started wearing maternity clothes
  12. What were your cravings during pregnancy and how did you feel about them?

7 Tips for Making Pregnancy Journal Entries

1. Set Some Time Every day To Write

Whether it’s a pregnancy journal or any other journal it’s important to set up some time every day to do this. Try to write something even if it means for 10 minutes. Do not let the day go without making your journal entries.

2. Just Write

Instead of planning, just write and let the words flow. Writing is always original when you write it as it is.

3. Write For At least 15 Minutes Without Stopping

When you start writing, make an effort to do it without stopping. If you don’t know what to write about, consult the prompts or write about your doubts and fears. Once you write the first sentence everything will go on smoothly.

4. Choose Traditional Journal

If you are looking for something that you can pass on your child later choose a traditional journal. Although each traditional journal has a different feel and style they will give you the chance to record all your thoughts

5. Put Down all the Details

Since you are likely to forget, make sure you are a bit detailed when making your entries.

6.Keep All the Documents and Photos in Your Journal

If you want it to make it more enjoyable, set a page where you can put all the documents and photos of your pregnancy.

7. Keep the Journal Close to You

To practice this without any issue, make sure that you keep the journal is next to you. This will help you write anytime something crops up in your mind or anytime there is some change.

5 Best-Selling Pregnancy Journals

Best Pregnancy Journals

1. The What to Expect Pregnancy Journal

The What To Expect ( Journal & Organizer)
Product Highlights:
  • murkoff, heidi (author)
  • english (publication language)
  • 288 pages - 01/01/2007 (publication date) - workman publishing company (publisher)

If you are looking for something both fun and helpful then What To Expect is the right journal for you. Apart from giving your enough space to put down all your thoughts it also records all your memories and milestones.

The What To Expect journal also helps you to keep track of everything that’s happening during pregnancy. The best thing is that you can even use it to record your doctor’s appointment dates.

2. 40ish Week: A Pregnancy Journal

40ish Weeks A Pregnancy ( Mom Journals, Motherhood Books))
Product Highlights:
  • pocrass, kate (author)
  • english (publication language)
  • 128 pages - 08/04/2015 (publication date) - chronicle books (publisher)

40ish Week: A Pregnancy Journal is perfect for any mother who wants to make their pregnancy enjoyable and fun. Featuring colorful pages it will help you document all the milestones right from the time you conceived to the final days and of your pregnancy.

Some of the topics that this journal covers include dealing with cravings and symptoms, the names that you expect to give your baby among all other things. As compared to other journals it also has helpful charts and illustrations to help you.

3. Pregnancy Journal: Day To Day Guide

The Pregnancy Journal 4th ( Pregnancy Journal, Gifts For First Time Moms))
Product Highlights:
  • harris, a. christine (author)
  • english (publication language)
  • 206 pages - 08/16/2016 (publication date) - chronicle books (publisher)

 As one of the best selling pregnancy journals out there you’ll actually get everything that you need from The Pregnancy Journal.

Whether you are a soon to be mother or father this is the ideal journal for you. Every day, you’ll find that there is some new information and something to read and make you better. Overall this is a great journal that you can even give out as a gift.

4. My 9 Month Pregnancy Journal and Scrapbook 

My 9 Month Journey ( Time Moms | Picture And Milestone Books For Toddlers)
Product Highlights:
  • 😍👶treasure moments: this beautiful pregnancy journal gives you a beautiful way to document all the special moment's of your pregnancy. record special memories through photographs and milestones! document your journey with this ivf pregnancy journal
  • 💝🎁perfect gift: perfect for you as a new mommy or as a baby shower gift, this lovely pregnancy scrapbook will help mom remember and recall their pregnancy forever. the colors used inside are unisex, for both boy or girl. the best pregnancy keepsake book you can buy
  • 🎯✍100% customizable: take photos of your pregnancy and then keep them forever in an album as keepsakes - helping you capture and storing your tummy's most precious moments, use it as a pregnancy tracker.
  • 🙌💥all you need: 12 high-quality and beautiful milestone stickers included. just peel the pre-cut stickers from the adhesive paper and stick it to your future baby's clothes! pregnancy stickers for belly,
  • 👨‍👩‍👦 🎈enjoy it: this charming book is hardcover and responsibly-printed. each illustration was lovingly designed for you. we made this with love, and we hope you enjoy filling it out as much as we did create it. pregnancy books for first time moms

This journal is the most suitable for mothers who are looking for something that resembles traditional ones. It comes with stickers, colorful pages, and photos that you may need in a journal.

This journal will, therefore, help you keep the progress and challenges so you can refer back to them later. If you are looking for something to give a new mother as a present then this book is the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Must I keep a pregnancy journal?

Although it’s not a must that you keep a pregnancy journal, a journal can significantly help you during your pregnancy.  Just like other journals out, there are several benefits that come with it.

Is there a specific way of updating my pregnancy journal?

One thing that you need to know is that there is no right or wrong when it comes to pregnancy journals. Since your journal is private you can basically write everything and anything that you feel. You should believe in your writing because after all, nobody will judge you.

What should I record in my pregnancy journal?

While women have different experiences during their pregnancies, there are some key things that every woman is faced with. When you are just starting out you can dwell on the fears of giving birth, labor, and parenting. You can also write about the kind of changes that you are witnessing in your body. Plus you can put down all the happiness that this pregnancy has brought in your life. Overall there are countless things to write about.

Are there apps that I can use for pregnancy journaling?

 Since journaling is very important when it comes to pregnancy there are a number of apps that you can buy to help you during this journey. The good thing is that even if you can’t afford the apps there are some that you can get free of charge. The idea is to look for an app that’s most suitable for you and start out.

Do I need to share my pregnancy journal with another woman?

Just like other journals you don’t need to share your journal with anyone. Remember this is a private book hence the only person that might know the contents is your partner as he can help you during those tough times.


Keeping a pregnancy journal or diary is one of the best things that you can ever do. As a matter of fact, women who keep journals say that they have experienced a lot of positive changes even as they near their due date. By reading what you’ve written you’ll discover certain things that you may not have known before. Pregnancy journaling will also ensure that you include some humor during those times, know your feelings and what they mean and even give you something that you can show your child later on in life.


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