Starting A Journal And Writing Entries The Best Way To Do It

Starting a Journal and Writing Entries: The Best Way to Do It

Are you intending to spark new ideas and log your experiences? Do you want to keep a tab on your life and what’s happening around you? If so, start making journal entries regularly.

The moment you start writing, drawing and jotting down new stuff every day, it will quickly become part of you.  Once you believe that you can do it and you are convicted it will be less intimidating thus easy to accomplish. But what are journal entries?

Starting a Journal and Writing Entries: The Best Way to Do It

1. Journal Entries

 Journal entries can be described as the actual pieces that we write in our journals. They simply express our opinions, interests, personal growth and experiences.  These entries can be as short as 100 words or as long as 1000 words.

The best way to make honest entries is to keep them as private as possible.  Since writing a journal entry is a very simple process it’s something that you should commit to doing.

2. Advantages of Keeping a Journal and Making Journal Entries

There are quite a number of reasons why you need to keep a journal and make regular entries. Here are some of the main ones.

3. Journaling Can Greatly Improve Your Thinking

When you write down your emotions on paper your mind becomes clear. This way you can think about the solutions to your issues.  Also, if you journal for only 30 minutes you’ll realize that you have mental peace and you are ready to face all your frustrations.  This means if you can commit some time everyday journaling you are likely to improve both your emotional and physical health.

4. You Can Set and Accomplish Goals

 If you are looking for the best way to write your ambitions, resolutions, and goals, start journaling today. This way you can closely focus on what you are doing, monitor your progress and know what you need to improve on.

5. Keeping a Journal can Boost Your Self Esteem

Journaling is the only way that you can write down and think about something positive. This could be your achievement or something you like about yourself. By thinking about these things you can significantly improve your self-esteem and become a better person.

On the same note, putting down at least 5 things that you are thankful for can make you happier.

6. Journaling Can Help You Become Self Disciplined

 Putting aside time to write and committing to it is something that not many people do. As a matter of fact, only those who are self-disciplined can do this. However, you must know that practice makes perfect. You’ll only become better by practicing.

According to HuffPost, all your positive habits have a tendency to spread to other areas of your life such as relations, work, and other healthy habits.

How to Make Journal Entries

1. Reflect on Your Life

 Before putting word to paper you just need to close your eyes and think about everything that happened during the day. You must ask yourself about what happened, how that made you feel and whether you were happy about it. By reflecting on those feelings and thoughts you’ll be organizing your mind in a positive way.

2. Do Not Fear the Blank Page

 If you start by thinking small you’ll realize that journaling is not overwhelming. Remember, your intention is not to create the best article or book but rather to write something on your journal every day.

When you are just starting out you may think that the process is boring. However, as you start to think and focus, words will flow and everything will fall into place.

3. Do Not Use a Computer

If you want to improve your creativity ditch that computer. When you are writing physically you’ll be much more immersed in your thoughts. The speed of your writing will slow you down and give you more time to think about what you are writing.

The best thing to do is, therefore, to write as slowly as possible. You may even pause after every few minutes to look at your writings.

4. Write About Your Life

The next step that you need to take is to write about what’s happening in your life. This may include the things you are doing now, your goals and achievements. Your journal can help you to record what your life is about now so you can go back to it later.

For instance, you can write about something good or funny that happened to you.

Caution: Do not focus so much on the negatives as this is likely to depress you.

5. Time Yourself

Whether you’re writing or working everything in life needs some form of timing. Ensure that you plan yourself by setting the time that you want to dedicate to writing. Doing this will not only prevent you from wandering but also help you to concentrate.

6. If You Are Not Sure Use Writing Prompt

If you are just starting out, writing prompts can be of great help. You can search online and choose one the one you think can help you. However before settling on one ensure that it’s the best.

In case you are looking for one just visit Amazon and you’ll definitely get one.

7. Include the Location and Time

If you want to remember the context then you need to include the time and location. Although this is not a must, it can be of great help if you want to recollect what was happening at that time.

If you plan to go through your journal in the future then this can help you. For instance, if you want to write about the time you can include early morning, evening or midday.

8. Write From a Different Point of View

Writing from a different point of view can also help you make journal entries. Just pick a topic or something that you intend to write about and assume that you are someone else. You can imagine that you are an elderly person or a child and then write from that perspective.

If you want your thoughts to flow in a healthy way look at things from a different point of view.

9. Add Pictures

Since pictures speak louder than words you may try adding some. Fortunately most journal apps allow you to import pictures into your journal entries.

So to get the inspirations that you need to do not hesitate to add them as you continue with your writing. You can talk about your feelings, what’s happening and even then person seated next to you in pictures.

10. Enjoy What You Do

Whether you are writing about a bad experience or a good one, do not forget to have fun and laugh about it. Remember laughing and having fun is therapeutic and will make you forget about that bad experience as fast as possible. Having fun will also ensure that you look forward to writing.


From what you’ve seen, making journal entries is not very difficult. You just need to write about how you think, what you like and make your entries pleasant for the eye. Later on, you can go through them to understand your thoughts and feelings better. This way you’ll really improve in many areas and habits of your life.

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