The Best Guided Journals For Couples

Best Guided Journals for Couples

Those of us in good relationships can agree with me that having a healthy and happy relationship with your spouse is one of the best things that can ever happen. You not only feel secure but are also less likely to suffer from depression, anxiety and other ailments.

Relationships succeed when both partners play a role in ensuring that they establish a strong relationship built purely on love and trust. One of the best ways of achieving this is by using guided journal for couples.

Instead of waiting for your relationship to have signs of breakups before you act, start using guided journals for couples. Here are some of the top rated guided journals for couples that can help you build a strong, loving relationship with your partner:

5 Best-Selling Guided Journals for Couples

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Guided Journals for Couples

1. One Question a Day for You and Me

One Question A Day ( Couples: A Three-Year Journal)
Product Highlights:
  • chase, aimee (author)
  • english (publication language)
  • 368 pages - 12/26/2017 (publication date) - castle point books (publisher)

One Question a Day for You and Me is a guided journal that allows you to capture your thoughts with your partner over time. With this journal, you can set aside some time every day with your partner to write down the answers to these questions.

Since this guided journal allows you to share your thoughts in a simple manner, it’s one of the most creative ways to sustain a relationship. By dealing with the same questions a number of times you’ll strengthen your intimacy while also seeing how your relationship is changing. Examples of the questions that you’ll find include

  • What makes you feel that you are adored?
  • What’s the thing that amused you today?
  • Where would you want to be tomorrow if you were to wake up?

2. The Big Activity Book for Couples

The Big Activity Book ( Book For Couples)
Product Highlights:
  • lovebook (author)
  • english (publication language)
  • 124 pages - 07/21/2015 (publication date) - love book llc (publisher)

If you are looking for a book filled with fun things that you can do with your partner then this couple’s activity book is the best. Totally worth the money, this book contains puzzles, games and other things that you can do with your partner. Apart from challenging each other through questions, this book will help you get to know your partner much better.

There is no specific way to use this book. Whether you choose to talk over the phone, do it with one another or do it alone and send pictures it will work perfectly well. The best of all is that when you can’t think of a date idea, it’s the perfect way to come together.

3. The Quiz Book for Couples

The Quiz Book For ( For Couples)
Product Highlights:
  • used book in good condition
  • lovebook (author)
  • english (publication language)
  • 140 pages - 06/27/2012 (publication date) - love book llc (publisher)

Filled with interesting quizzes that you can do with your partner, this guided journal is not only fun but helpful as well. Although the questions can be a bit tough when starting out, after a while you’ll start opening up, getting creative and having a wonderful time.

Whether you’ve been with your partner for years or you guys are new in your relationship, this book tells it all. Once you’ve answered the questions individually you can compare them with your partner. The best part is that there is a winner who goes with a reward. It’s therefore perfect for those who want to see whether they know each other or not.

4. I love You: The Activity Book Meant To Be Shared

I Love You The ( Meant To Be Shared)
Product Highlights:
  • lovebook (author)
  • english (publication language)
  • 92 pages - 01/12/2011 (publication date) - love book llc (publisher)

Funny and fun, I Iove You:  The Activity Book Meant to Be Shared is one of the best-guided journals that you can ever get. Since this book is hilarious you’ll have some fun and ridiculous conversations that will make you laugh.

If you are looking for an enjoyable way to spend some time with your spouse, this journal will really help you.  Since building a relationship involves continuous learning, this book is suitable for both newly married or couples who’ve stayed in the relationship for years. Plus, it will fill your days with a lot of fun.

5. Me, You and Us: A Book to Fill Out Together

Me You Us A ( Out Together)
Product Highlights:
  • perigee books
  • currie, lisa (author)
  • english (publication language)
  • 192 pages - 06/03/2014 (publication date) - tarcherperigee (publisher)

Me, You and Us: A Book to Fill out Together is a unique book that will help you to understand each other and strengthen your relationship so. Unlike other books, it has a 5-minute activity that you can do with your partner every day before going to bed. If you love looking back at the old entries and seeing how things have changed over time this book will definitely help you.

Once you open a new page you can use the prompts to write down anything you’re thinking. This book will ensure that you have fun filling it out and also give you something to look back on for remembrance. It can, therefore, make the perfect gift for valentine or anniversary.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do we mean by the best-guided journals for couples?

A guided journal for couples is a special journal that can help couples deal with their relationship issues and maintain a strong and loving relationship. These journals are not only meant for couples who are faced with issues but also those whose aim is to make their relationships strong.

What are some of the questions found in the best-guided journals for couples?

Some of the questions include:
When is the last time you got angry?
What do you hate most about your partner?
What do you love most about your partner?
Is there anything at all that can make you leave or abandon your partner?

What are the benefits that I will enjoy from guided journals for couples?

These journals will give you an outlet through issues. When you write something down you are likely to come up with concrete solutions for that issue. By putting these things down you’ll see them through a bird’s eye view. So even if you are about to break up, these journals can help.

These journals help you to know your partner more. Since there are some people who feel shy that they cannot even express themselves, these journals are a way through which they write all that they are thinking so the other partner can know them better.

These journals can be written anywhere and anytime. The other partner doesn’t have to be there for you to use your guided journal. You can fill the journal alone, take pictures of the page and send or even answer the questions over the phone. This makes them quite flexible.

These journals can boost your communication skills. Writing is usually connected to speaking. This means journaling is a type of communication. Even if you are shy, these journals will help you learn how to communicate with your partner.

What are some of the tips that can help me keep a guided journal for couples?

Choose the right guided journal for couples. Look for something that works for both of you
Set some time and get in touch with your partner.
Set some plan and know what you two want to achieve.
Try to be as honest as possible while answering the questions

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